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/RFID 13.56MHz NFC Blocking Cards Jamming Cards for Credit Cards Bank Cards

RFID 13.56MHz NFC Blocking Cards Jamming Cards for Credit Cards Bank Cards

The Sunrise contactless card blocker comes in the standard 85.6mm x 54mm credit card size, and is just a little thicker than a regular credit card.It is specially designed for protecting to personal information stored on 13.56Mhz frequency contactless cards such as credit cards,debit cards.

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  • Easy to use,simply carry this card in your wallet or money clip and all cards within range of blocking will be protected.

  • No need batteries support,since there is no battery within nor any recharging required, the card can last forever.

  • Fits in any wallet or money clip,since the same size as credit cards,the blocking cards are easy to put in wallet


MaterialPVC + Blocking module or PVC + Blocking Fabric
Thickness0.86mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm or customized
PrintingSilk printing, CMYK printing, 100% matched customer color
Blocking frequency:13.56MHz
MOQNo MOQ if no customized printing.
ApplicationsProtect personal information of Credit card, Passport, ID card, etc.

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Simply put the the blocking contactless card into a card slot in your regular wallet together with the smart cards,such as Credit Cards,Debit Cards,Identification Cards,Passports,Mobile phone NFC,Key cards/Entry Cards etc.

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Q1,What card is Sunrise RFID blocking card for?

Any card or device working on 13.56MHz frequency. This includes, but is not limited to:

Credit cards, Debit cards, Identification cards, Passports, Key/Entry cards, Mobile phone NFC.

Q2,What does RFID blocking card do?

Automatically protects and stops criminals from wirelessly skimming your personal information.

Q3,Where do you put it?

Just place RFID blocking card in your wallet, purse or with your travel documents 

Q4,How long it will last?

Forever! Because the blocking card uses the radio energy transmitted by the reader. It doesn’t need a battery!

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